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Microsoft Access Special Interest Group (SIG) of the North Texas PC User Group (NTPCUG)

Microsoft Access is unarguably the most widely-deployed Database Management Software, one of the easiest for a new user to learn, and has extensive capabilities for developing database applications and client applications for use with server databases. (More about Access...)

Our user group is located in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area and meets once each month.

We are Access users of Microsoft Access at all levels from novice to experienced developer, we are all here to learn, and we are all here to help each other.

  • Meet other users of Access with common interests

  • Get help solving your problems

  • Help others solve their problems

  • Learn from tutorials

  • Learn even more by signing up to present a tutorial


Special Notice: Microsoft Office 2003 will be in computer stores on October 21, 2003. You can sign up to attend an all-day-long Microsoft Office 2003 Launch Event in Dallas on Nov. 4, 2003, in Fort Worth on Nov. 18, and in other cities around the country beginning October 21, 2003. You may want to attend more than one because there are 5 different tracks you can choose to attend. Click here to learn more and to sign up!

We are just one of many SIGs in the NTPCUG. Click to find out more about the NTPCUG.

Comments, suggestions, etc. about this or one of the other Microsoft Developer SIGs of the NTPCUG ? Click here to send feedback!

Visit the Joint Resources Site of Microsoft Developer SIGs of the North Texas PC User Group, with forums and other useful information, at


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Microsoft on Access and Office

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Of all people, you'd expect Microsoft to have good information on the Access and Office products. Of course, you'd be correct, and you'd find it at the Office area of Microsoft's website.

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