About Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is, unarguably, the most widely distributed and installed desktop database software. Access is the database software component of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, included in the Professional, Premium, and Developer editions of Microsoft Office.

It is simple to use at the casual, novice level, the learning curve is not steep, and it can also be used as a very capable tool for developing professional and commercial database applications. In addition to Microsoft Access databases using the included Microsoft Jet database engine, Access can be used to create client applications for use with true server databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix.

Recent versions of Access and Microsoft Office include the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE), a stripped-down version of Microsoft SQL Server, that can be installed for use as an alternative to the Jet database engine. Access 2000, and later versions, can produce a form of database client, called Access Projects or Access Data Projects (.adp files) that are tailored for use with Microsoft SQL Server.

In its latest versions, Access can generate Data Access Pages for an Internet- or Intranet-based database application. Join us as we continue to learn more and more about this exciting software package.