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The joint resources site for all the North Texas PC User Group Microsoft Developer SIGs, with forums and other information, is at

Service Releases from Microsoft: Visit Microsoftís site, the Microsoft Download Catalog, for the final form of Service Release 2B for Access 97, a Service Pack and the Y2K patch for Access 2.0, Service Release 1 for Office 2000, and Service Pack 2 for SR1 for Office 2000 (includes many security updates, especially for Outlook), Service Pack 3 for Office 2000, and Service Packs 1 and 2 for Office 2002. Look for Office Update downloads.

Access Resources on the Internet: On the Internet, the Access 'meeting place' is the newsgroup. Itís like an enormous SIG meeting every day for questions and answers. Just like our SIG, thereís something for every level of Access user and very knowledgeable participants from all over the world. Some names you might recognize from books, articles, and conferences include Andy Baron, Allen Browne, Ken Getz, and Michael Kaplan, but there are a number of other very knowledgeable regulars who donate a great deal of time to providing answers. Visit the newsgroup and youíll soon learn who they are. If I sound a bit proprietary about the newsgroup, maybe itís because, representing a local BBS, I cast one of the affirmative votes for its founding in 1993 and have been participating there ever since it was established.

Strong Suggestion: Read before you post, and, especially, read the daily post with the subject line '!! New Users Look Here First ...' and the date - it tells you about the netiquette, purpose, and topicality of the newsgroup.  Particularly donít post or respond to any employment solicitations - youíll hear about it if you do. Some of the articles refer to websites that are chock-full of Access information.

Just in case you donít get to participate in the newsgroup, here are some suggestions:

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