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  The Access SIG was formed in April 1993, when more than forty interested members attended the organizational meeting. Because Access was so new, no one could claim any great expertise, so the focus of our group was to 'learn Access together'. Our only rule was, and is, 'No bashing. Not our favorite database software, not anyone else’s favorite database software, not our vendor, not anyone else’s vendor, and, particularly, not any individual.' That focus and rule have served us well over the intervening years. In a generally polite and civil atmosphere, we have learned more about Access than most of us dreamed at the start. We’re still learning and still maintaining civility. As we’ve learned, our presentation emphasis has shifted from the basics to more advanced topics, but we still welcome beginners, we try to answer beginner questions, and we do our best to make even the more advanced topics understandable to all levels of Access user.

SIG Co-Leader Jack Atkinson was an Assistant SIG Leader from that day in April, 1993 through April, 2003, when he agreed to co-lead the Microsoft Access SIG. SIG Co-Leader Larry Linson hosted the April 1993 Organizational Meeting and led the SIG through April, 2003.  Our Assistant SIG Leaders are Tom Browning and Neel Cotten, both of whom have been attending the SIG regularly since our 1993 beginning. Thanks to all of them for working hard to make this SIG a success and thanks, also, to former Assistant SIG Leaders Dianna DeCicco, Frank McCoy and Tom Lukers, who served ably and long.



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