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Job Seekers' Sites and Reviews of Selected Sites

Job Seekers' Sites: In any major search engine, search on 'jobs computers database' and you’ll find many, many sites. Some will, of course, be more useful to you than others. One  site, free to both job seekers and those offering jobs, suggested to me by Rick Dobson, Access speaker and writer, is

Reviews of Selected Sites: Just as a sample, Larry re-visited a couple of the 'other source' sites., the website of ATTAC Computer Group, has freeware files and code, including an article explaining a previously undocumented method to 'make class modules in library databases visible to other databases'. Steve Arbaugh of ATTAC is a frequent participant in the newsgroup. - the new home of the 'Grandfather of Access FAQ Sites' and you’ll find, among many much more impressive entries, an article by Larry on using images in an Access database.

Check out the extensive information at Allen Browne's website - it is great.

Another Australian site on our list is the Sydney .NET User Group (formerly the Access and SQL Server User Group, which topics they still cover), led by Adam Cogan (whose presentation was extremely well-received on the Office 2000 introductory tour in Australia, according to Allen Browne) at

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