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Other Sources of Access Information, Freeware Utilities, and Tools: our own NTPCUG Application Developer Issues SIG site Access assistance AAD Consulting's FreeAccess with free wizards and add-ins Attac Computer Groupís site (Steve Arbaugh) where Michael Blake has quite a number of very useful sample code and example databases Allen Browneís site is full of great tips, hints, and examples Peter de Baets' freeware and shareware, including "Shrinker Stretcher" Bas Cost Budde's site, with examples, code, articles, and answers to questions. Adam Coganís Superior Software. Rick Dobsonís CAB, Inc. site Rick Dobsonís site for the book 'Programming Microsoft Access 2000' A briefcase full of good code, courtesy of Dimitri Furman Serge Gavrilov's site with developer and security utilities, most of them freeware Wayne Gillespie's sample database illustrates creating temporary database for temporary tables Bob Hall's Access Hamsters site - freeware add-ins, sample code, and SQL Albert Kallal's site, with samples, code, and other Access information Michael Kaplanís company, Trigeminal Systemsí site, with examples and soapbox Danny J. Lesandrini's site, articles and examples Larry Linson's Access Samples and Examples site, with downloadable databases illustrating Access topics J. T. Smith's site, with examples of Access database for Rental Property Management and Nonprofit Organization Membership

http://I.Am/DougSteele/ Doug has Access and VB links and an explanation, with additional links to fixes, for the common reference errors problem Tony Toew's site, with a wealth of information and links to other resources Vincent Veyron's site, the site and examples are in French (and, it would be impolite to ask Vincent to translate them for you) Terry Wickenden has great and extensive coverage of the DoCmd.RunCommand statement, constants, and examples

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