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  Oct - Dec 2003


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In October, 2003: Access SIG Co-Leader Jack Atkinson continued and completed his two-session presentation entitled Access to Browser, describing his use of Access as the intermediary for collecting information from legacy and other applications, consolidating it, and making it available to users. Jack has said that he'd hate to even think of all the work that would be required to do all this without the aid of Access. Larry said that Jack's innovative use of saving Access reports to HTML and creating indexes in HTML to those reports had been immediately helpful to him with a project. Thanks, Jack.

On November 8, 2003: Access SIG Co-Leader Larry Linson will present What's New in Access 2003 (and Access 2002). There are a few Access-specific changes, more Office-wide changes, and other enhancements for collaboration in the corporate enterprise environment. One changed area is Access' Help, with improved content, but a different user interface -- we will discuss some ways to obtain Help in addition to clicking Help on the menu.

On December 13, 2003: December is tentatively planned as a repeat of our Tips and Tricks month, where SIG Leaders get to talk about their favorite tips and tricks with their favorite software. Some may be elementary, some advanced, some may be intuitive ones that you've already discovered, and some may obscure ones that will surprise you, but our Tips and Tricks Day should be both entertaining and informative. SIG Co-Leaders Jack Atkinson and Larry Linson will lead the discussion and we will be sure to leave time for you to tell us about your own favorite tips and tricks.

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