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  Oct - Dec 2002


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In October, 2002: Thanks to our special guest speaker George Burcham, a Senior Systems Analyst for Robbins Engineering, who discussed his Access client application to SQL Server in keeping with our Microsoft SQL Server Theme. To support their customers, Robbins provides two computer applications: One application starts with the layout of the building and performs necessary engineering calculations, including two-dimensional geometry of the required trusses. Output from this program is exported to a second application, an Access client to Microsoft SQL Server, which keeps the information by job or other grouping, allows adding other related information (glulams, hangers, stairs, and other), and simplifies custom retrieval. George described this second  application and some unique approaches to user customization.

In November, 2002: The theme for November is Error Handling. SIG Leader Larry Linson discussed Error Handling In Access VBA. Automating error handling is one of the primary advantages of moving from macros to VBA code in modules. With proper error handling, you can at least give user-friendly error messages, and you may be able to recover from the error condition and continue. Just as in classic VB, Access' error handling is built around the On Error GoTo and Resume statements -- the statements and the order in which they are used are different, but don't let anyone tell you that our error handling takes a back seat to C/C++ and .NET's Try, Catch, Finally scheme.

In December, 2002: December was our Tips and Tricks month, where SIG Leaders get to talk about their favorite tips and tricks with their favorite software. Some were elementary, some advanced, some were intuitive ones that you've already discovered, and some were obscure ones that will surprise you, but our Tips and Tricks Day was both entertaining and informative. SIG Leader Larry Linson led the discussion and attendees also talked about their own favorite tips and tricks.

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