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  Apr - Jun 2002


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Meeting Topics

In June, 2002: In keeping with our Top Ten Issues theme for June, SIG Leader Larry Linson addressed Ten Top Issues with Microsoft Access, issues that people report they have with Access. Some were at the novice user level and others at more advanced levels. We discussed solutions and workarounds, as well as the problems.

In May, 2002: Continuing the theme for the day, special guest speaker Tuc Goodwin, Leader of the Beginning VB SIG, presented Form Development in Microsoft Access showing the similarities and differences between the default user controls. Tuc also showed how users can "create" their own versions using Access Forms and Controls, performing the same function as ActiveX controls, but without having to distribute any additional controls. Tucís presentation was well received.

In April, 2002: In keeping with our theme for the day, SIG Leader Larry Linson spoke on Creating the User Interface with Microsoft Access. He first briefly reviewed good design, a topic that he said was obligatory for anyone discussing UI design and development. He talked about the Access controlsí specialization for database access, and some differences between Access and VB controls. He described each of the built-in Access controls, the purpose(s) for using each of them, and some alternatives.

The PowerPoint presentation used in April is available for download from the Downloads section of the Application Developer Issues site:

Over time, we will extend our discussion of application building, usually in keeping with a chosen meeting theme. 




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