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Meeting Topics, Current, Coming Soon & Recent Past

May is User Control Month!  At the meeting on May 11th, SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin will demonstrate using many of the controls built into Visual Basic, with special emphasis on the Calendar control. 

June is the Top Ten Month.  The meeting date is June 8th.  SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin will discuss the Top 10 issues for beginning Visual Basic development. Each of the other areas will follow with their own Top Ten Lists. 

There have been a lot of questions lately about “What is COM?”  So many that July has a theme of COM.  The meeting date is July 13th.  A guest speaker from Microsoft will start the ball rolling by reviewing where we have been with COM in the Beginning Visual Basic session. 

In August we will cover XML DevelopmentAugust 10th is the big day.  The specific presentations haven’t been determined yet, but stay tune here to find the latest!

The theme for September is Automation.  Come join us September 14th for a full slate on the subject.  Beginning Visual Basic will be an Introduction to Automation.  Advanced Visual Basic will carry the theme forward with demonstrations on how to automate Microsoft Word to create reports.  The Developer Issues forum will show how to automate Microsoft Access, while the Access session will show how to automate Microsoft Excel to generate reports.

October is Microsoft SQL Server month!  The meeting date is October 12th.  Beginning Visual Basic will lead with connecting to a SQL Server database from Visual Basic. 

November's theme is Error Handling.  We'll meet November 9th. The specific topics will be promoted as the date gets closer. 

You will want to attend the December meeting.  That’s Tips and Tricks.  Plan to attend on December 14th, to see our presenters show off their best developer tips and tricks!!

Don't forget -- January, 2003 is Free-for-All month, with each SIG Leader picking his own SIG's theme.

Starting in February, 2003, we'll be back to our theme approach. As soon as we have that list, we'll make it available here and elsewhere.

Past Meetings

Files from past meetings can be found at

In April, 2002 – User Interface Theme month – SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin gave a presentation about building elementary Visual Basic applications using features of the Form objects.  Tuc also led a discussion about interacting with forms in general.

In March, 2002 – Common Dialogs was our theme – special guest speaker Stephen Johnson, the Advanced Visual Basic SIG leader, graciously presented information about the common dialog control.

In February, 2002SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin  discussed Error Handling.  Discussions of different situations included the following: Enabling Error Handlers, Using Inline Error Handling, Centralized Error Handling, and Disabling Error Handlers.

In January, 2002SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin  started the year off by demonstrating some of the features of the Visual Basic Debugger.

In December, 2001: SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin will finish the tutorial on Writing Visual Basic Code, begun at the November meeting. He will cover procedures, subs, functions, arguments, parameters, and code within the procedures.

December was File I/O MonthTuc started things off showing the differences between reading and writing sequential text files using the Visual Basic internal commands versus the File System Object

In November 2001: New SIG Leader Thomas "Tuc" Goodwin began a series of tutorials with Using Visual Basic Data Types covering Variables and Constants, different types of data, and scope. He followed up with the first part of a tutorial on Writing Visual Basic Code, covering procedures, subs, functions, arguments, and parameters.

Why is Beginning VB just a page in the Access site?

Beginning VB SIG Leader Tuc Goodwin is now keeping most of the SIG information at our joint Microsoft Developer SIGs MSN Community, but we continue to keep this page available as a simple link. Note that Tuc is still looking for a co-leader or assistant leader. When there's a more help available, there may also be a separate Beginning VB website.

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