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Past Meeting Topics

June 2000: Application Developer Issues SIG Leader Dan Ogden, Esq. reviewed his recent experiences using Access 2000. He said that he had found a lot to like and cautioned of a few things he didn’t like very much. All in all, Dan’s pleased with Access 2000, and he’s convinced some of the rest of us to spend a little more time with it. Note: Now that Service Release 1 has corrected quite a number of 'issues', I think he will like it even more.

May 2000: Perennial favorite and Assistant SIG Leader Jack Atkinson was our presenter. When Jack says he’s going to “fill in some blanks”, that means he has a whole bag full of tips, hints, and tricks for rapid and efficient application development. Jack showed us an extensive set of functions for validating and manipulating legacy or imported data of the most common types. Many of us have experienced similar problems and wished we had some canned procedures of this type -- now we do, because Jack provided a handout showing the code he explained and demonstrated.

April 2000: Sig Leader Larry Linson described how to simplify development by using a starter application. Copy the starter application, with some essential Forms, Tables, Modules, System Information, predefined formatting, generalized error handling, and speed your development. Larry provided for the drawing several diskette copies, which he warned were not much beyond the "clean compile" stage.

March 2000: Jim Wehe showed us a real-world application that has supported the Food Service operations of a large metropolitan school district for many years without incident. It was first done in dBase, converted to Access in the early 1990s and is still in use today. What's unique about it? It was created all with point-and-click. Jim said, "The only VBA code in this application is that generated by the Command Button Wizard."

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